Christmas light installation

Millions across America decorate their home for Christmas and as many as 43% of those that do decorate do so before Thanksgiving.

That fact sheds light on the two truths…

A) There’s no shortage of holiday spirit in the USA.

B) Having your home, business and/or community decorated for Christmas is just plain fun!

Despite the joy that Christmas decorations bring to the people living inside of decorated homes and onlookers who enjoy displays, the act of actually putting up decorations can be cumbersome.

Not only is decorating time-consuming, but it can also be dangerous. Half a million falls from ladders occur every year and 97% happen to people who are doing projects around their house.

To keep things safe and simple during the holidays, many turn to Christmas light installation professionals for help. But what should you know before signing on an installer?

Our team shares 5 considerations to keep in mind.

1. Know What You’ll Be Expected to Provide

Is your Christmas light installation professional going to bring their own lights to your project? Do they have custom decorations on hand that they can add to your display to suit your vision?

This is an important question to ask since many installation professionals will just want to set up the lights that you purchase.

2. Know If Taking Down Your Lights is Included

Taking down your Christmas decorations is just about as hard as setting them up. That’s why you’re going to want to make sure that the service you buy into includes take down service.

If it doesn’t, you’ll end up in the situation you were hoping to avoid (spending a weekend dealing with decorations, getting up on ladders, etc.)

3. Avoid “Cheer Chasers”

When the holidays come around, you’ll find a lot of “cheer chasers” handing out flyers offering to put up your lights. Most times, these people aren’t based in your area and will be impossible to get ahold of if something goes wrong.

Avoid hiring opportunists and instead look to hire a business that has a local address and roots you can rely on.

4. Understand How Lighting Problems Will Be Handled

If one of your light strings falls down, will your Christmas light installation professional fix the issue? What if one of the fixtures they provided stops working?

It’s always important to discuss with your installation professional beforehand how they’re going to service your display if adversity strikes.

5. Figure Out When You Need to Schedule Services By

The holidays are busy and short. That means that most reputable lighting professionals are going to get booked up fast.

To make sure that you have the opportunity to work with a good team, call well in advance of the holiday season to see when you need to book services by. Doing so will help you avoid the disappointment.

Time to Hire a Christmas Light Installation Professional

Now that you know what you need to consider before signing on a Christmas light installation professional, it’s time to find a great team to work with.

If you’re located in the Fort Bend County (TX) vicinity, look no further than Fort Bend Brothers.

Fort Bend Brothers have been helping homeowners, businesses, and cities manage their holiday displays for years. Let us provide you with the same outstanding value.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your holiday vision to life!