landscaping projects

Is your yard looking a little lackluster? Has it been a while since your trees have been trimmed? Could it use a little extra color?

Landscaping isn’t just about making your home look nice. It can also increase its resale value and help it sell more quickly.

Have you been wanting to spruce up your yard, either to boost resale value or just to make it more enjoyable? Are you unsure of where to begin?

If so, you might want to start by considering one (or more) of these great landscaping projects.

1. Clean it Up

Sometimes, some simple clean up can have a big impact on the appearance of your home. What does this clean up entail?

Some simple clean up projects you can start with include:

  • Raking up leaves and debris
  • Pruning trees or bushes
  • Mowing and edging the lawn

These simple steps can give you a fresh, blank slate. Then, you can focus in on more specific beautification projects.

2. Maintain Your Lawn

It’s also important to make sure you’re prioritizing lawn care. Keep your lawn mowed, edged, and free of debris. Fertilize and aerate it on a regular basis, too.

You should also consider installing a sprinkler system to make sure your lawn stays fresh and hydrated during the warmest months of the year.

3. Plant Some Shrubs

Shrubs can add a lot of character to a yard.

They also don’t require a lot of maintenance, so they’re perfect for those who don’t have the time or energy to put a lot of work into their yard.

Some good shrubs that can withstand most conditions are hydrangeas, boxwoods, lemongrass, and lavender.

4. Add Some Color

If your yard is looking a bit monochromatic, consider jazzing it up with some flowers. Flowers add a nice pop of color and make your yard much more appealing.

Some good, low-maintenance flowers to consider include pansies, geraniums, peonies, and daffodils.

5. Install a Patio or Deck

This is a bigger undertaking, but a deck can really transform your yard. Who doesn’t want to hang out on their deck and gaze up at the stars during the summer?

Experts also agree that a deck is one of the best yard additions for those who want to increase the resale value of their home.

6. Set Up a Rock Garden

Another fun addition is a rock garden. This is a simple, affordable project that can add a lot of character to your yard. It’s also low-maintenance since there aren’t any plants to water!

Start Your Landscaping Projects Today

Are you interested in trying one of these landscaping projects? Do you want to make sure they get done correctly?

If you want to enhance your landscaping but don’t necessarily want to do the heavy lifting yourself, we can help.

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