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Owning a home comes with a lot of benefits — if it didn’t, you wouldn’t have committed to spending upwards of 40 years to pay it off!

For starters, paying your mortgage every month means you’re building equity. Unlike paying rent, which is putting money into another owner’s pocket. You’ll also likely pay less each month than you did when you were renting.

You can add a deck, a pool, change the cabinets — you can do anything you wish without getting anyone’s permission. 

But, let’s face it — it has downsides too. 

If you’re water heater or HVAC breaks down, you’re responsible for getting it fixed.

Plus, you have to take care of your property. Some things you should do on a regular basis like your landscaping. Others are on an annual schedule like cleaning your gutters and pressure washing your exterior.

Contrary to what you may think, some of these annual tasks aren’t DIY. There are quite a few of these tasks you should hire a professional to take care of. 

Today we’re looking at 5 reasons why you should hire a professional pressure washer company instead of doing it yourself. 

1. You’ll Likely Save Money 

You can rent a pressure washer from any place that rents equipment. This could be from a specific tool rental place or even some home improvement chains. 

But do you even want to?

Here’s the thing. From the onset, it doesn’t seem like it’s expensive. But here’s how they get you: the add-ons.

They’re going to charge you per the hour or the day. They’ll hold you to this, too. They’ll also upsell you the solution and anything else they can to squeeze a few more bucks out of you.

A professional pressure washer company will charge you one flat rate depending on the job. That’s it. 

You can always buy a pressure washer. But is it worth spending upwards of $500 for something you use once a year? 

Another plus to hiring a pro is that they’re fluent in water conservation techniques. Pressure washing uses a lot of water if you’re not careful. 

2. They Know How to Use the Equipment

This may not seem like an important detail, but it is.

Remember when we mentioned rental companies charge you per hour or per day? What happens if you struggle to get the pressure washer working and by the time you figure it out, it’s nightfall?

You get to add another day to your rental. Lucky you!

3. They’ll Protect Your Property

Not only will they know how to use the equipment, but they’ll also know how to protect your patio and home’s exterior.

They won’t apply too much pressure and ruin a finish. They won’t pressure wash something they shouldn’t. You can rest assured they’re going to get the job done right.

4. It’s Safer

If you’re planning on pressure washing your roof, you need to be on top of ladder safety procedures.

It’s not only ladders or slippery surfaces you have to worry about. The equipment itself is powerful and intense. If you’re not used to handling one, it can become dangerous.

5. It Saves Time

This goes without saying but hiring a professional will save you a lot of time. It will also save you from headaches you don’t want or need.

Find a Professional Pressure Washer Company You Can Trust

This article only scratches the surface of reasons to hire a professional pressure washer company over DIY. We didn’t even mention the quality of the pressure wash or how a professional knows how to correct a mistake!

If you’re already convinced it’s best to leave pressure washing duties to the pros, you need to find one you can trust.

If you’re in Fort Bend or the surrounding counties, fill out our contact form. We’ll walk you through our pressure washing services and get you scheduled!