concrete gap filler

Got gaps?

Luckily, homeowners don’t have to settle for bare concrete expansion joints that can encourage future damage and expenses. There’s an easier alternative. It’s called concrete gap filler.

Are you interested in saving yourself some hard-earned cash? Do you want your concrete to look appealing and remain durable against weather and time?

If so, read all about our GapArmour and what it can do for you.

Why You Need Concrete Gap Filler

If you’re a homeowner who has recently poured concrete or someone who’s thinking about a concrete addition, GapArmour is a convenient tool.

It Stops Future Damage

Concrete expansion joints are a natural part of pouring concrete. After all, concrete is susceptible to freezing and thawing, and these gaps prevent future cracks and erosion by permitting independent movement among the slabs.

But they also provide easy access for water, which can wreak havoc on all of your flooring. Moisture beneath the slabs creates heaving, sinking, erosion, and cracks, which leads to costly repairs.

With GapArmour concrete filler, homeowners can rest easy knowing their concrete is protected.

The PVC rubber is a heavy-duty material; it protects your concrete from moisture, fungi and the elements, giving it the long life it deserves.

Easy to Use

Let’s face it: caulking is messy, difficult to apply and slow to cure.

All those problems are erased by choosing our concrete joint filler. You won’t have to wait hours for the filler to be “step-ready” and you won’t have to shut down work zones. Instead, once the GapArmour is applied, that’s it: you, your family and your business can continue on as if nothing happened.

No mess. No waiting. Just a quick application and everything returns to normal.

No More Weeds

Weeds love to grow in concrete gaps. They catch the moisture they need to thrive, take root and damage your concrete.

While homeowners may choose to eradicate this problem with store-bought weed killer, there is a safer, more environmentally-friendly option: fill the gap.

By filling the expansion joints with GapArmour, seeds won’t be able to plant themselves in cracks and grow to cause further damage. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it also means a lot less hassle on a homeowner’s part.


Concrete is a worthwhile investment, but it’s necessary to protect it. By filling in the expansion joints, you’re lengthening your concrete’s lifespan and minimizing future costs.

More use for your money? Yes, please.


Caulking and other fillers usually look sloppy when it’s all said and done. This isn’t the case with our concrete expansion joint filler. The rubber is rounded so it fits perfectly into your gap, sealing it and looking mighty fine while it protects your concrete.

There won’t be any messy trails, uneven filling or surprise weeds. Instead, you’ll have a smooth and professional-looking floor.

Protect Your Concrete

Are you ready to protect your concrete and save money down the road?

If so, call us today to discuss concrete gap filler installation at your home.

Say goodbye to weeds, cracks and future problems. Instead, welcome the durability, cost savings and pleasing appearance of GapArmour.