homeowners association problems

Homeowners Association problems can be detrimental when it comes to community relationships. Conflicts with your HOA can result in an unpleasant experience.

Keep yourself in good graces with your HOA by following our tips on how to remain on your HOA’s good side.

Pressure Wash Your Home

Most Homeowners’ Associations like you to keep the exterior of your home as clean as possible. The most effective way to keep your home free of external dirt and grime is to hire a pressure washer service.

Pressure washer companies have top-of-the-line equipment worth thousands of dollars. You won’t believe the difference a good pressure washing can make.

A good pressure washer company can have your home looking as clean as the day it was built. Your HOA will surely be satisfied and it will do wonders for your curb appeal.

Know the Rules

If you live under HOA rules, you need to make sure you understand all the requirements.

Every HOA is different. Many HOAs require your property to conform to a certain aesthetic. They made have a pre-approved list of colors you can use to paint your house.

In most HOA neighborhoods, you won’t get away with painting your house hot pink. Make sure you know the rules before you make any changes to your house’s aesthetic. If you have recently moved into the neighborhood, it might be a good idea to attend a HOA meeting.

Pay Your Dues

In most HOA neighborhoods, you need to pay your fees. Generally, this will be a monthly payment to the HOA. Some new homeowners are shocked by how much they owe their HOA every month.

If you are planning on buying a new home, make sure you investigate how much the HOA fees will be beforehand. That way, it’ll save you the surprise.

Get to Know the Community

HOA neighborhoods are often very community oriented. If you want to avoid having any problems with your HOA, it’s a great idea to get to know your neighbors.

When you are a known member of the community, it becomes a lot easier to sort out any HOA disputes amicably.

Maintain Your Property

HOAs hate it when you don’t take care of your property. Take steps to stay in good standing with your HOA.

Make sure you maintain your yard and hire landscaping services if necessary. Also, make sure you don’t leave garbage anywhere that’s visible. You should make sure you don’t have oil stains in your driveway.

If your property is well maintained, you’ll avoid a lot of potential HOA problems since they won’t have anything to complain about.

Keep Your HOA Happy

The main thing to keep in mind is if you want to avoid HOA problems, keep your property clean and well maintained. Some HOAs are more reasonable than others.

Be sure to make yourself part of the community. Your interactions with the HOA will go more smoothly if you get along with everyone else.

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