yard maintenance

Yard maintenance is not just an annual task. Keeping your lawn healthy takes seasonal maintenance that depends on the weather.

With the right type of care, your lawn can be green and thriving all year round.

What kind of maintenance does this take? Well, each season brings a different need for your lawn. Some months it’s only trimming, others it’s using the right fertilizers.

It can be a lot easier to hire a professional landscaper to maintain your lawn. But, if you want to do it yourself, keep reading for seasonal yard maintenance tips.


This is the season of regrowth for your lawn. It’s when you can start fresh with your maintenance strategies and continue them the rest of the year.

Most lawns need a good clean-up after the winter months. Rake away any leaves or debris. There will likely be a thick layer of wet leaves from the previous season.

For optimal growth, use high-quality lawn fertilizers to prevent weeds. Fertilizers provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and thick. In the spring, it should get mowed every two weeks or less.


By summer, your grass should be growing rapidly. There will also be more weeds trying to break through as well as grubs. It’s crucial you address the grubs to prevent damage to your yard.

You may need to mow the lawn more than once a week at this point. This includes trimming, weeding, and fertilizing.

Fort Bend Brothers use a special fertilizer that reduces your lawn’s water needs by 50 percent. During the hot season, that could save you tons on your water bill.


Fall is when plants start dying and leaves start piling up on your lawn. You need to stay on top of raking and mowing during this time.

The weather can be unpredictable in Texas. You may deal with summer weather or winter weather. It’s about adjusting to whatever weather you get this year and tailoring your maintenance to it.


Depending on your location, winter might put your lawn out of commission. Snow packs heavily down on the lawn and prevents weeds from growing as quickly.

It’s important to prepare your lawn all year for this season. With the right care, your grass will still be healthy when winter ends.

You’ll likely need to mow the lawn less. Trim and mow when necessary, but focus on keeping the lawn clear of debris. Avoid walking on the grass when it’s wet because this can cause damage marks.

Want More Yard Maintenance Tips?

Taking care of your yard is a year-round duty. Each season brings new challenges and obstacles to keeping your lawn healthy.

Follow the tips above for each season of yard maintenance. Invest in the best tools and equipment to make maintenance easier.

Or, consider hiring a professional landscaping service to maintain your yard all year.  Fort Bend Brothers has years of experience landscaping and maintaining beautiful yards. Message us today for a consultation and to learn about our services.